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Alton Baxter.

I don't like to be touched.


Illustrations by May Ann Licudine (aka Mall )

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White Sands, New Mexico.

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Even when the sun sets
I hear children
play outside
Are they playing in the dark
Or by the light
in their eyes

Anonymous Tell me about a fellow writer you know, or are friends with! And about your favorite people that you know!(:

I don’t know many writers, although the few I know I’m sure are extremely talented. The first writer that sticks out in my mind is my man, Nick. Dude writes poetry without trying. He can express the unique feelings that are included with the human experience that we call feel but can’t seem to express. The other two that come to mind are girls, my friends Jayla and Jordan. I have yet to read anything they’ve written though. Now, onto my favorite people. I always find this question hard to answer but I’ll just fly with the first people that come to mind; Tanner Rowe, this dude is hilarious and we’ve been cool since seventh grade; Saoirse Milligan, home girl lives for no one but herself and she doesn’t give a fuck and she’s so wise; Grace Evans, she’s one of the funniest people I know, she’s gone through so much and she still goes to school and deals with everyone’s shit so mad props to her; Nick Kamaka, we don’t talk as much as we should but he’s awesome it’s great, he truly understands me; Charlotte Coffe, we don’t talk as much as we should but she is so funny and we have the longest running jokes it’s crazy, also she is so talented at photography it’s gorgeous; Jayla, we traveled together to Europe, she is hilarious and is really straight-forward with everything; Everyone from my the California and Ohio delegation that I traveled to Europe with has a soft spot in my heart, they’re the best people; Stephanie Snyder is hilarious her style is on point and I don’t know why I just became friends with her; Jackie Bracey is funny AF and we used to be really good friends; Vikrant Nath is my Indian prince, me and dude go way back; Emily Harron is my favorite sophmore and I need to hang out with her stat. That’s about it for now and the list is missing people but that’s all I got for now!

Anonymous What a cute boy you are.

thanks fam (:

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Prada S/S 2016

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